Zoo Closed After Huge Snow Storm, Cameras Capture Animals Magically Playing In Snow

There’s nothing more magical than waking up, looking outside, and seeing the world blanketed in beautiful, white snow. Just ask the animals at the Oregon Zoo.

In January of 2017, Portland, Oregon was hit with a weather system that brought nearly a foot of snow. The accumulating snow forced many businesses to close their doors for a day or two — that included the Oregon Zoo.

Despite the doors being closed to the public, this didn’t mean that the animals weren’t free to roam around outside of their heated shelters. Just like children in the local schools, the zoo animals had the day to play and frolick in the fluffy cold snow.

The zoo cameras were rolling as the animals took full advantage of playtime in the snow. Nora the polar bear was in her happy place, prancing around in complete bliss.

A zookeeper wanted to check on the animals and actually had to ski down the mountain to reach the facility. Once he got there, he realized how much fun the animals were having, and his worries about them were completely put to rest.

As snowflakes fell from the sky, Nora rolls around on the snow-covered ground and buries her face in the cold snow. Most people would be scared of a polar bear with their sharp claws and teeth, but seeing this sweet girl in her element, shows that she’s just a playful kid at heart.

The otters and seal lions curiously climb out of the water to see what the snow feels like on their bellies.

The otter in the “Snow Day at the Oregon Zoo” video seemed to prefer the water over the snowy land, but the sea lions seemed to really love the strange stuff falling from the sky. They roll around on the ground, covering their blubber-lined body with white snow.

Despite all of the animals originating from different climates and regions of the world, they are all enthralled with all of the fluffiness that was covering the ground. Although it does snow in Portland, it’s rare that it ever accumulates over a few inches. This was a very special day!

There was one animal, in particular, that seemed to be having the time of his life — Samudra, the elephant.

The Asian elephant would naturally live in a warm and tropical climate; however, when he peeked his head outside from his shelter, he couldn’t help but take off running in pure excitement. You can even hear his squeals of excitement as he tosses snow into the air with his trunk.

The magical wintry moment has captured the hearts of over 3.5 million people. Have you ever seen animals having so much fun?

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