Animal Rescue Group Saves Momma Dog & Her 9 Puppies Dumped in Church Parking Lot

Dogs are one of the most amazing things that can come into our lives. They bring joy to our homes, they give us unconditional love and companionship — and all they ask for in return is to be loved and protected. Sadly, however, not everyone treats dogs with compassion and warmth they deserve.

About two months ago, a heartless owner left his 5-year old boxer in the parking lot of North Side Baptist Church in Abilene. But to make matters worse, she wasn’t alone. Right beside her, were her nine 2-week old puppies.

“Dumped in the parking lot of an Abilene church. All Rescues are full to bursting.”


The mama dog was clearly frightened and in a distressed state. Her puppies needed to be saved or they would almost certainly lose their lives. Thankfully, a kindhearted soul decided to rescue these canines from their harsh situation.

When a picture of an abandoned adult dog and her puppies circulated on social media, Mistie Boerger of Paw Angel Animal Rescue knew she had to help them.


“I saw the picture and it just broke my heart and I called Angel and we went and rescued the dogs,” Boerger told KTXS 12abc.

Mistie Boerger and Angel Urban rushed to the parking lot to collect the poor dogs. They were placed in the back seat of the car, and the women made sure no one was left behind.

It’s hard to fathom how someone is able to abandon not just one dog, but a mother nursing her babies. No animal deserves to be treated with cruelty.


It was unsurprising that the mom, was in need of desperate medical attention when rescued. Unfortunately, one of her puppies was also found to have a tumor in his throat that was beyond help. There was no other choice but to euthanize the little pup.


After a few days, the mother and the surviving puppies were all healthy and happy in their temporary foster home. Boerger decided to foster them for a while until they fully recovered and then give them away to a more permanent foster family.


“They will be staying with me for two weeks and then moved to a permanent foster. They will placed for adoption after they have been spayed and neutered and mom is spayed,” she wrote on Facebook.

At the same time, the rescue calculated the cost of food and supplies for the animals, which amounted to $2,500, and asked for donations in order to be able to cover these costs.


Donations of more than $1,000 were received, but more money may be needed in case medical complications arise – which happens pretty often with rescue animals.

Updates and pictures of the nine dogs have been constantly posted on Facebook by the rescue staff, attracting the attention of many fans.

Thankfully, all the puppies as well as the mother have found loving forever homes.


Indeed, anyone who saves an abandoned or struggling animal is a capeless hero and should be treated as such. We are glad the puppies were lucky enough to be found and rescued and we are sure there is a great life ahead of them!

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