Animal rescue saves mother raccoon trapped in plastic jar

It’s always important to remember that we share our world with animals, and that some of the things we think of has harmless can pose a danger to local wildlife.

Recently, one poor raccoon was helpless after getting her head stuck in a plastic jar — but thankfully rescuers soon came to save the day.

Courtesy of Strong Island Animal Rescue

Homeowners in Blue Point, Long Island noticed that a raccoon who would come to feed in their yard had a plastic jar completely stuck over her entire head, no doubt causing a lot of discomfort for the poor animal.

The homeowners didn’t know how to help, so after making some phone calls to emergency services they got in touch with the local Strong Island Animal Rescue.

Courtesy of Strong Island Animal Rescue

Frankie John Floridia, the rescue’s founder and president, arrived on the scene to help the trapped animal. But the rescue proved to be a challenge, as the raccoon, a nursing mother, was scared and skittish and resistant to help.

“It wasn’t an easy catch, as she was able to see through the clear jar,” Floridia said.

Courtesy of Strong Island Animal Rescue

The raccoon had to be caught by surprise: “I waited behind a dumpster and I was able to surprise her when she came around the side of it,” Floridia explained.

After grabbing the raccoon with a net, the rescuers used vegetable oil to lube her neck, allowing them to pull the jar off and release her.

Thankfully, the raccoon was unharmed unaffected by the incident. Floridia says she was later seen returning to the same spot, her babies in tow.

Courtesy of Strong Island Animal Rescue

Floridia, who has made a large number of similar animal rescues in the area, says the most important takeaway of the story is to make sure to properly recycle, as improperly discarded jars and cans can cause harm to local animals.

“Please crush your jars, put lids back on cans and jars, so we can recycle properly and share this island with the wildlife that surrounds us,” Floridia told We Love Animals.

We’re so glad this raccoon is safe! Thank you to Strong Island Animal Rescue for saving the day!

Remember to pay attention to your recycling to avoid situations like this. Please share this story to spread the word! 🦝❤️


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