Dog Refuses To Accept He’s A Big Boy & Demands Dad Carry Him On The Escalator

Antonio the Golden Retriever has been terrified of escalators ever since he was a puppy. He panics and his head starts tripping whenever he spots the sight of the moving stairs.

Now that he’s grown into a big boy, his parents expected him to lose his escalator-phobia. But a recent trip to the mall proved that nothing has changed for Antonio!

Source: ViralHog/Youtube

In this video from a mall in Fortaleza, Brazil, we see Antonio freezing in fear at the sight of the escalator.

He absolutely refuses to look toward the “monstrous” motion machine, and turns to Dad for help instead.

Dad pacifies Antonio’s shivering heart and immediately decides to carry him all the way over the escalator in his arms!

Source: ViralHog/Youtube

Antonio hops into Dad’s arms just like a little baby and holds on tight as the ascent to the top begins.

He buries his head in Dad’s shoulders to avoid having to look at the moving staircase beneath him. Many onlookers pity the scared boy and adorably pet him to calm him down!

Source: ViralHog/Youtube

We are so happy that Antonio has a caring Dad to look out for him during escalator rides.

However, escalators are no place for dogs as they are not designed to transport our 4-pawed friends. Over the years, many escalator mishaps have cause major injuries to dogs.

Vets always recommend using the stairs or elevators when accompanied by dogs, or giving them arm rides just like Antonio’s dad.

Click the video below to watch Antonio adorably tucked away in Dad’s arms while riding the escalator!

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