Soulless Stranger Trapped Puppy, Used Her For Target Practice With Homemade Arrow

Some stories hit us harder than others. Thankfully, for this poor soul, this story ends happily.

Animal abuse is everywhere. It is a worldwide epidemic that needs to be taken very seriously! What possesses anybody to hurt something so precious and defenseless, we do not know. 

But we do know is that there’s an abundance of animal lovers and advocates to fight these monsters and we are not going to back down!

Abusers beware, you can’t hide forever.

Source: Mr. TEA/YouTube

A street dog in Asia was trapped for fun. It would’ve been amazing if she was trapped so she could go on to live a better life.

But no. Instead, she was tortured. Her snout was taped shut and she was used for target practice.

Source: Mr. TEA/YouTube

When an animal advocate found her, she was covered in wounds and had an arrow in her head. Amazingly, she was still alive!

The rescuer took her for immediate help at the free clinic. The clinic operates through donations. The tape around the puppy’s snout was gently removed. Next, she was sedated so… Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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