(Video) Actual Footage Of Boy Being Saved By Avalanche Rescue Dog

Snow can be beautiful to look at, all white and fluffy. However, being covered and trapped feet below it is scary.

Just imagine that you are out skiing in the mountains and, all of a sudden, you hear a rumble, and the next thing you know you are buried in snow. Not just a thin layer but several feet of snow, and your oxygen is running out. Sounds horrible…doesn’t it?

Now imagine that right before you run out of air, you hear a scraping noise. Then it gets louder, and you see a small opening. All of a sudden, a black wet nose pokes in, followed by a large furry head. You are then pulled out by the rescue dog just in time.

Boy scouts had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience what it feels like to be trapped under the snow. As part of their visit to Big Sky Resort in Montana, one scout was buried under the snow. The ski patrol then showed how highly trained work dogs find and rescue people.

Boy’s Life recorded the experience with one of the scouts, Nathan, stating, “Me and my friends drew sticks, and I got the right stick, so I got put in a hole in the snow, and the dog came and found me. The idea is the dog finds you and the rescuers come over and dig you the rest of the way out.”

Since no one ever plans on being in an avalanche or buried in snow, you can watch the video on what it looks like to be saved by a rescue dog instead of experiencing it first-hand.

Videos like this one remind us that dogs aren’t just perfect for companionship, they perform heroic feats every single day!

Thank you to all working pups! You’re all pawsome! SHARE this with your friends and family! 🙂

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