The 19 Most Awkward Dog Family Photos Of All Time!

We all have them. Awkward family photos are like a rite of passage, but when you add a dog to the mix, you up the ante of awkwardness to an epic level.

These family portraits and snapshots are as funny as they are cringeworthy, and putting them online for all the world to see has been a treasured Internet pastime for years, thanks in part to Awkward Family Photos.

These hilariously family photos just might make you you rethink how to take a picture…unless, of course, you want to be super awkward with your dog. That’s on you.

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1. We can all be Dalmatians.

2. Christmas awkwardness.

3. “Let's be awkward together…”

4. Groovy!

5. How's this for a Christmas card?

6. Immortalize your pug with a t-shirt.


7. “Beam us up!”

8. An uncanny resemblance…

9. Our precious babies…

10. This groovy look will never be retro.

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