Baby Wraps His Arms Around Giant Bull Mastiff, Gives Him The Sweetest Hug

Ahead of making actual human babies, many couples parent furbabies. And much like mini humans, they are regarded as family. As new parents, you never quite know just how the first meeting of said furbaby and mini human will go. Of course, we all have high hopes that our pets and kids will get on swimmingly.

But sometimes things just don’t work out. Thankfully, in this case, this little dude and his big Bull Mastiff brother, Sydney, are going to make a great pair of siblings. And dad couldn’t be happier.

Watch this video as Sydney lets his little human brother climb up and hug him. He’s completely calm and seems almost proud to be the appointed guard of such a precious member of his family. Dad is elated that his little man is loving up on his furbaby. His son is fearless as he hugs and climbs the seemingly statue-like giant.

These two are surely going to have some great memories together. Aren’t they sweet?

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