Rescued Baby Deer Is Missing A Leg, Now Watch What These Dogs Do…Oh My Goodness!

This rescued baby deer is missing a leg, but his dog siblings taught him how to play — and he’s pure JOY 😍

This video is about a baby deer named Rudie who’s just been orphaned just before she’s two days old. Besides being orphaned, Rudie has her front left limb partially severed. Due to her young age, she cannot provide for herself, leave alone moving from one point to the other. With the harsh environment in the wild, she truly requires a home, and care.

At two days old, Rudie was taken to a veterinary for special attention to her limb’s hanging stump, as well as medication. While in the veterinary clinic, Rudie was fortunate to find an animal lover, who also doubled as the nurse. The nurse helped in amputating the remaining part of Rudie’s limb and also volunteered to adopt and nurse Rudie.

Rudie was unique in a way that whenever she visited a nursing home, she could bring hope to the nursing home occupants and in turn make everyone happy. Rudie has one trait that makes her makes her a friend to anyone she interacts with. Rudie is now grown and still creating friendship to all animal she meets.

Being an animal enthusiast, the nurse accommodates many animals in her home including puppies, cats, horses and full-grown dogs. SHARE AWAY FOLKS!

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