Baby And Dog Bickering Back And Forth Wins Best Video Of The Day

Our children, both human and furry, are our entire world! When they interact, it’s the best! Even if it sounds like they’re arguing 😉

These two have an entire conversation without using words and it’s seriously the best video of the day!

Source: YouTube

Mom, as she holds her baby girl, has her phone ready to film as her little one lets out a wail. Their dog, perched nearby on the couch, has something to say about it.

Source: YouTube

Whether he’s responding to the baby girl or just complaining about her wails, we’ll never know but it certainly does sound like a conversation.

In fact, science says dogs do understand a lot of what we say by how we say it. They can read facial expressions like we can. They can also sense tone of voice.

So, it is possible that the dog knows his baby sister is unhappy and does have something to say about it.

Source: YouTube

Maybe he’s trying to calm her. Maybe he’s telling her it’s enough already. Regardless, their ‘bickering’ is too hilarious to miss.

Witness it for yourself in the adorable video below!

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