Baby Elephant Lets Out Massive Sneeze, Tourists Crack Up At The Adorable Result

It’s not unusual for elephants to get easily spooked. But one baby elephant had the scare of his life by the silliest thing!

A group of tourists were out on an excursion in the African wild when they saw a herd of elephants crossing the street.

They immediately began filming the adorable family and took notice of the baby elephant who was following behind.

Source: kikicat25/YouTube

They were gawking at the sweet baby elephant who was looking right at the camera while slowly walking across the street when all of a sudden he let out a massive sneeze.

Source: kikicat25/YouTube

Even though it was his own sneeze, it spooked the baby so much that he quickly ran to his family. The tourists burst out into laughter at the hilarious, yet endearing scene that they just witnessed.

Source: kikicat25/YouTube

It looks like this baby elephant still has to get used to a few things in this big, scary world! At least it’s safe to say that he feels safe alongside his parents!

Watch the cuteness unfold in the video below:

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