Baby Wants A Snack But He’s Too Short To Reach, His Solution Has Mom Cracking Up

As parents, we spend a good percentage of our time saving our toddlers from sudden death. And once in a while, between our superhero moments, we just have to crack up at the stuff our kids do.

That’s exactly what this mom did when she caught her curly, blonde haired kiddo trying to score something to eat from the fridge. Except this little guy was about 12″ too short for the job.

Source: YouTube

So, he enlisted the help of his trusty furry friend and dedicated Basset Hound. Just watch how these two team up to get the job done!

Source: YouTube

It’s hilarious that the dog actually went along with this! You can totally tell that this little dude has done this before. There’s no doubt these two are a stunt team.

And when the dog peaces out, the little guy hangs on to the fridge like Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible! Someone give this kid a contract, he’s going to be a stunt double!

What kind of crazy kid + dog stunt do you see around your house? Tell us all about it in the comment section! And enjoy the video below!

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