Baby Laughs To The Dog Speaking, Then The Dog Keeps Doing It Again And Again

Dozer the Siberian Husky isn’t much of a “barker”, but boy does she love to “talk”!

She enthusiastically hangs out with her family every evening, while expressively howling away like she’s an integral part of their conversations!

When the family’s 5-month-old son, Bryce, gradually grew aware of this behavior, he was endlessly fascinated!

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Source: mahna1mahna/YouTube

In this video, we see Dozer realizing that she can make Bryce laugh by “speaking”. Every time Mom gestures with her hand and coaxes Dozer to “speak”, the Husky tilts her head back for a very verbal howl.

Bryce is so amused that he breaks into a fit of giggles whenever he hears those talkative howls!

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Source: mahna1mahna/YouTube

Dozer is totally hyped to see baby Bryce’s cackles escalating with every howl. She has a dopey grin pasted on her goofy face as she soaks in the kid’s heart-melting laughs.

She then leans in to caress her little human with doting kisses. We were stumped when she managed to howl away an “I Love You” just to hear Bryce chuckle again!

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Source: mahna1mahna/YouTube

Dozer certainly looks pleased with her uncanny ability to make Bryce smile. Her silly facial expressions and animated personality can perk up anyone’s dull mood in a jiffy.

Keep your volume up to make sure you don’t miss Dozer’s hysterical howls and baby Bryce’s precious giggles!

Click the video below to watch Dozer being a source of constant happiness for baby Bryce!

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