Baby Panda Meets Mom For First Time, Her Reaction is Pure Gold!

Welcome to the world baby panda cub.

The Taipei Zoo is celebrating its newest resident, a one-month old giant panda nicknamed Yuan Zai.

The little cub was born to parents Yuan Yuan and Tuan Tuan in July and is the first panda ever born in Taiwan.

New pictures of the heart-melting Giant Panda cub, who was born last month, show the cute creature rolling around and showing an interest in others.

This is the first time she sees her cub though it is one month old already. The veterinary made checkups first to make sure nothing threatens the baby. It is so hard to attain panda’s pregnancy but when it happens the specialists do everything possible to protect the baby.

Pandas are very good mothers! They are tender and caring. You can see it yourself in this video. The mother lovingly takes its baby. She kisses the panda cub and hugs the baby beautifully. When panda is tired, she falls asleep, but the baby is not sleepy. It is crawling exploring the surrounding.

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