Man Teaches Wolf Pup How To Howl & Captures It All On Video

There’s the horse whisperer and the dog whisperer, and now there’s the wolf whisperer. In a now-viral video with close to five million views, a guy teaches a litter of wolf pups how to howl for the first time.

As the man cradles the tiny wolf pup, he starts to imitate a howling noise ever so gently. He caresses the little wolf and seems to whisper to him.

Source: ViralHit/YouTube

While other baby wolves are seen roaming across the floor, the grey wolf pup is about to get his first lesson in howling.

The little pup is not sure what to do about the sound this guy is making, but he seems to want to learn.

Source: ViralHit/YouTube

After several tries, the adorable little wolf cocks his head back, tosses his snout to the air, and he lets out the cutest howl!

According to one website, baby wolves get more mobile and vocal around 11 to 15 days of age.

Turn your speakers up and watch this precious pup learn to be a wolf for the very first time. It’s cuteness overload!

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