Owner goes and checks up on dog house, gets a huge surprise from her dogs

These igloo-type dog houses are popular with dog owners because they are roomy and warm. Apparently, this Basset Hound owner didn’t realize just how roomy, because when she walked out on her porch and went to check on her dogs, her surprise just exploded from her in the form of a laugh.

Exploding is a good description of what was happening with the dog house, too. The owner exclaims, “It’s a clown car!” and she couldn’t be more right. You remember those tiny cars that carry a disproportionate number of clowns inside, right?

Well, at first you can tell there are two dogs in there, because you can see two different colored dogs. And dogs like to cuddle up, so two would be reasonable.

But when the owner got closer, she could see there were more than just two dogs in there. Another head pops out…

…and then another one! Now dogs are beginning to pour out the door. Basset Hounds aren’t small dogs, either, so when they just keep coming, the owner is barely able to hold her astonishment and laughter inside.

And yet another dog pops out. How many can there possibly be in there?!
After five dogs emerge from the igloo, they seem to come out of the woodwork! I’ve lost count, and with the way they’re wiggling all over the place and jostling for position, I bet you can’t count them either.

Coming to what appears to be a windowsill, they all crowd together to greet their owner and wish her a good morning. Basset Hound heaven!

So how many do you suppose there are in this animated puppy pile? Show your friends, and see if you come up with the same number. I’m betting you won’t.

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