Man Discovers His Basset Hound Is A Natural Sheep Dog Even If She’s Blissfully Unaware Of It

For a dog with no training in the art of sheep herding, Lady the Basset hound has an unusual knack for it, even if she’s blissfully unaware of what she is doing!

Bassett hounds aren’t the first dog breed to spring to mind when you think of sheep dogs, but Lady recently showed her human she’s a natural at it!

Michael Jobson is a mechanical engineer and part-time farmer from Gamlingay, England. He discovered by accident that his 3-year-old dog, is a natural herder.

Michael’s small flock of sheep curiously follow Lady wherever goes – while the adorable dog seems more preoccupied with smelling the grass. That doesn’t stop the sheep from watching her every move.

As Michael says, “This hilarious footage shows the oblivious dog wandering around in a field on multiple occasions, as dozens of sheep traipse after her, hanging on her every movement.”

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