Patient Basset Hound Teaches Puppy How to Use The Pet Door

There’s no better teacher for a puppy than an adult dog. Just ask Georgie, a basset hound puppy, who doesn’t know how to use the pet door that leads to the backyard.

Georgie is happily following Goose, an adult basset hound, when the pet door flap drops shut separating the two dogs from one another. Georgie doesn’t understand why he can’t follow his buddy outside and begins to whine and paw at the window to get Goose’s attention.

So Goose very patiently pokes his head through the flap and even goes through the door multiple times until Georgie finally figures out what Goose has been trying to show him. After successfully navigating the pet door, the two have fun playing outside.

Goose’s patience reminds us of Simon the rescue dog who shows foster puppy Daisy how to use the stairs.

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