Tiny Dog Who Walks Crooked After Beating Inspires Hope In Rescuers

Baxter wouldn’t be here today if it hadn’t been for some very loving rescuers who helped him when he was a puppy. The Nebraska Humane Society says that Baxter’s heroic journey began when animal control received a call reporting terrible yelps coming from a home.

When they investigated, they found a 9-pound Pomeranian dog lying unconscious on the deck. “He had been badly beaten, kicked in the head and left for dead,” they write on their website.

He was transported to Nebraska Humane Society, where doctors diagnosed him with severe brain swelling. They could do nothing for him other than keep him comfortable and hope for the best.

Miraculously, the sweet 2-year-old dog woke up. Sadly, he had suffered irreversible brain damage, not just from the one beating, but likely others.

It seems his former humans had beat him when he peed on the floor or did anything they didn’t like. He would never walk straight again, would have trouble lifting his head and he would require special care.

The staff and volunteers at NHS didn’t give up on the tiny dog with such a strong will to live and they found him the perfect family with one of their staff. Twelve years on, Baxter has been loved, spoiled and given hope and a voice to thousands of other neglected and abused animals just like him.

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