13 Things Only True Beagle People Understand

Anyone who’s seen the movie Shiloh has probably fallen in love with beagles’ bubbly, social personalities, as well as their obvious smarts. So it’s no wonder they were ranked as the 5th most popular dog in 2017 according to the AKC.

Once you have a beagle, it’s hard to imagine a better breed than these intelligent, floppy-eared and puppy-eyed dogs. Here are just a few things beagle owners know and cherish about their favorite breed.

1. Beagles have an excellent sense of smell

While all dogs love to sniff, beagles are especially talented at hunting things with their nose. Beagle owners can have endless amounts of fun hiding smelly treats for their furry friends to dig up, but it also means that their nose might lead your dog on grand adventures — and you’ll just be along for the ride.

2. They love food

Any beagle owner will tell you that their dogs take food obsession to a whole other level. You won’t be casually leaving plates on a coffee table with this dog. Take, for example, this beagle that opened the fridge to get a slice of leftover pizza.

3. Seriously, you may never eat another meal in peace

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Get used to this “you’re going to give me some of that, right?” face. Which you will find impossibly hard to resist, because beagles are just so cute.

4. They’re super mischievous (especially if food is involved)

Any beagle owner will tell you that their beagle is smart, especially when they get focused. Beagles are notorious for being escape artists, so beagle owners often carefully fence their backyards and keep an eye out for any holes their dog may have dug.

But again, most of your troubles come down to a simple, four-letter word: Food. This beagle managed to move a chair, get on a counter, open a toaster oven and take out a hot sheet of chicken nuggets. Yes. They’re really that rascally.

5. Beagles can be incredibly stubborn

Yes, they’re smart, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to train. It can be the opposite, since beagles tend to have a stubborn streak. Fetch? Not if your beagle isn’t in the mood. And since beagles were bred for long hunts, they tend to have a one-track mind — which means if something catches their attention, it can be hard to get it back.

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