Rescue Finds Bin Of Soaking Wet Puppies At Their Door And Writes Powerful Plea Online

Rescue organizations and shelters take in animals who were abandoned, are strays, or in dire need of help.

They work hard to give the necessary medical attention to save their lives and continue to rehabilitate them until they’re back to good health.

While working at a rescue can be very rewarding, it can also be extremely upsetting. They see the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between.

Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation in Stilwell, Oklahoma, found a plastic bin that was left at their front door.

It was duct taped shut with little holes poked in the sides of it.

Facebook/Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation

They immediately brought it inside and cut it open. The whole thing was caught on video, which you can watch below.

As the vet tech opened the bin, she discovered a litter of ten adorable puppies who were soaking wet and crammed into the little box.

Thankfully, all of the puppies were okay, but the rescue took this as an opportunity to spread awareness to the public.

They posted the video and pictures on their Facebook page, along with a powerful message.

Facebook/Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation

They rescue wrote about the importance of having your pet spayed or neutered, as opposed to your dog having litter after litter when you can’t afford them.

Their solution is to just dump these litters or leave them at shelters, thinking they saved them, when really it shouldn’t have happened to begin with.

Sadly, this wasn’t the first time this rescue has had this happen to them.

“I’ve had to dispose of kittens/puppies frozen to death, drowned in their own filth and rainwater in the containers they were dumped in,” they wrote in their Facebook post.

“I’ve had to fish through litters of pups/kittens and pull out the ones still alive curled up with their dead litter mates. There are animals duped with severe flea and tick infestations, emaciated and on the brink of death, others left with broken limbs and thrown in front of our door.”

Facebook/Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation

Unfortunately, when shelters become too full, they are forced to euthanize some animals to make room for new ones if they’re unable to find them a home.

These vets and vet techs are forced to make these tough decisions for others’ ignorant choices.

Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation is pleading for fosters and adopters since their shelter fills up quickly. Follow them on Facebook.

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Posted by Paws and Hooves Rescue Foundation on Friday, April 28, 2017

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