Boarded-Up Doghouse Was Found In The Road, So Police Pried It Open

A couple years ago, a man in southern Los Angeles spotted a doghouse in the left lane of traffic nailed shut with a board over the opening.

He called the police right away, and they pried away the board covering the opening of the doghouse. This revealed a wounded dog inside, so they called the Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation.

The poor dog had been trapped in there for three days with his untreated wounds.

Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation

The boy was understandably skittish and very frightened after everything he’d gone through. They even had to force the dog to come out of the box.

Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation

Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation cleaned him up and took him into their care. That’s where they named him Walter Worthy Higgins! He looked so much better right away. 🙂

Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation

It’s a good thing Walter Worthy Higgins was found when he was and placed in a foster home to learn to be social and to be able to trust humans again.

The video below is back from when the dog was first found, but he’s at his forever home now. Walter is finally living the life he deserves!

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