Men Rescue Bobcat From Bear Trap- His Reaction Changes When He’s Freed

The Bobcat is the most common wildcat in North America, named for its short, bobbed tail. They’re medium-sized cats, but don’t let their small stature and adorable looks fool you – they can still hold their own and are known to hunt animals such as rodents, adult deer, lambs and even pigs.

While Bobcats are pretty dangerous animals, this little guy was feeling rather vulnerable when he got his foot stuck in a bear trap. He grew furious as he was unable to break free on his own.

Source: Youtube/Chris W

Luckily, two men in the area spotted him and were willing to risk their own lives to save him.

One of the men tried to hold him down with a stick, but the Bobcat was very cautious and hissed at the man. He then grabbed ahold of the stick, breaking it at one point, and laid on his back while holding it away from him.

Source: Youtube/Chris W

Eventually, the man was able to get the trap open and set the Bobcat free. Once the Bobcat was free, his entire demeanor changed. Instead of running away, the Bobcat sat there near the men, regaining his strength.

Source: Youtube/Chris W

Moments later, he ran underneath their truck and hid. Then they started the engine so he would run back into the wild, which he eventually did. Thankfully he is now safe and free!

Watch the brave rescue in the video below:

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