Bobcat Tries To Make An Impossibly Long Jump, Stunned Onlookers Record His Jump

A bunch of friends were out fishing for blue crabs in Pecan Island, Louisiana, when they spotted a large bobcat walking toward the weir.

The weir poles were unevenly scattered across the water, and the bobcat clearly wanted to head toward the woods at the other end of the dam.

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

As the bobcat positioned himself at the edge of one of the poles, the onlookers immediately knew he was about to attempt a crazy long jump (about 15 feet) to get to the other part of the weir!

They began filming the scene assuming that the bobcat was about to fall midway and get himself unceremoniously drenched. However, it was the insanely acrobatic bobcat who had the last laugh!

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

This extraordinary video not only captures the nimble bobcat’s breathtaking long jump, but also his meticulous stunts as he makes his way past the rest of the weir.

His leaps are so swift and precise as he steadily hops about from one pole to the other with top-notch balance. He makes it look oh-so-easy but there’s certainly no room for a single error in this perilous adventure!

Source: ViralHog/YouTube

We totally cheered on as the suave bobcat elegantly made it to the woods without getting his paws wet. There’s no denying that he has mastered his craft incredibly well. Those graceful moves are probably going to put seasoned athletes to shame!

Click the video below to watch the bobcat making insanely long jumps across the weir without breaking a sweat!

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