Bobcat sneaks into home through doggy door, makes itself at home in dog bed

Keeping a wild animal in your home is a bad idea, but sometimes wild animals do have a striking similarity to our own household pets.

That’s what one story proves, after a bobcat snuck into a family’s house… and made itself at home in their doggy bed.

According to a tweet from the Arizona Game and Fish Department, a homeowner in San Manuel, Arizona came home from work to find an unexpected guest waiting for them.

It was a wild bobcat, who had entered through the doggie door.

While it must’ve been a frightening sight, it seems the big cat just wanted a cozy home to crawl up and take a “cat nap.”

Photos show the bobcat relaxing in a dog bed, making itself at home and living the life of a house pet.

Thankfully, the bobcat decided not to overstay its welcome: it reportedly escaped and ran off before officers could arrive.

Although this bobcat was really acting like a cuddly housepet, they should be treated with caution: the Arizona Game & Fish Department urged people not to handle entrapped or hurt wildlife on their own.

Bobcats are found in most states throughout the US, and are common in Arizona. The department says that bobcats rarely attack humans (except in cases where they are rabid) and are usually drawn to homes due in search of food, water or shelter.


While some people simply share their yard with local bobcats, families with small pets may want to discourage the animal by scaring them off, with loud noises or a spray from a garden hose.

Bobcats usually leave on their own, but if they are trapped inside a residence it’s a good idea to contact wildlife control.

It seems like no people or animals were harmed in this case. Many people replied with jokes about the bobcat’s “Airbnb experience” and remarking that it looks relaxed and comfortable.

What a wild story! This bobcat certainly made itself at home, getting to experience life as a house pet for a little while.

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