Greyhound In A Tiny Cage At A Blood Bank Is Taken To See And Smell The Ocean

Bodhi the Greyhound was kept in a tiny cage at a blood bank for dogs called Hemopet for years. The dog was one of around 200 kept there, most of them discarded by the racing industry because they were no longer needed. But sweet Bodhi was about to see better days.


At Hemopet, Bodhi was kept in a cage that was so small he could barely stand up or even turn around. His only purpose in life was to be bled every 10 to 14 days for up to 18 months. But thankfully, PETA stepped in and put an end to that. 🙂


Bodhi was rescued and given a second chance and is now living the life he’s always deserved! He even got to go see the beach and the ocean for the very first time. No more cages for this sweet boy, and that’s an amazing thing!

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