Border Collie Attempts The Most EPIC Attack On His Brother. At 1:35, I Laughed Out Loud! HILARIOUS!

What do five Border Collies get up to when they're not working sheep? Well, when Border Collies are not herding the sheep on the farm, they have to find other ways to entertain themselves.

In this hilarious video clip, one of the ornery dogs decides to sneak up on his buddies, but something quite unexpected happens!

Stop whatever you are doing and watch this hilarious video of border collies playing ninja in their yard. The entire video is entertaining, but the ending actually made me laugh out loud! I keep playing it over and over again. I love this!

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These dogs are amazing!! Such fun, happy pups.. looked like the two collies banded together and choreographed everything! …and the background music was perfect for this video 🙂

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