Boston Terrier Puppy Has A Funny Way of Eating and Mom Can’t Control Her Laughter

Every pet parent knows that puppies are hungry all the time. No matter how much you feed them, there’s just no end to their insatiable hunger.

So when some puppies finally get their meal, their excitement knows no bounds, and they end up showing it in the most hilarious ways!

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Source: YouTube

Like this Boston Terrier puppy. As he’s having dinner, his body just can’t control the excitement. His hind legs slowly begin stretching and lifting up in the air all on their own!

The pup’s lower half gets so overwhelmed that it forgets how gravity works and tries to flip him over!

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Source: YouTube

But that’s not even the funniest part of the video! What truly makes the video hilarious is the mom’s reaction while filming!

Her infectious laughter and “Oops, Oops.. 1, 2, 1, 2” encourage the puppy even more, and end up putting a big grin on our faces!

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Source: YouTube

Click the video below to watch this hilarious puppy and her mom!

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