Boxer Happy Dance!

Have you ever seen a dog SO excited? This adorable boxer CANNOT HANDLE that her daddy is home.. LOL.

This boxer owner decided to capture the excitement of his boxer Bella as he came home from work, and her reaction is priceless.

Here's Bella the adorable boxer shaking and wiggling and giving a very enthusiastic greeting as her master comes home and walks through the door.

You can just sense her pure joy and excitement seeing her human return to be with her. Bella's enthusiasm is simply contagious and just makes us happy seeing her do the happy dance! 🙂

Dogs just have this uncontrollable excitement they show when his/her master comes home and walks through the door. They are filled with pure joy knowing that you are home to spend time with them again.

Whether you have been gone 30 minutes or 2 days, they greet you with the utmost enthusiasm each and every time.

Watch as Bella enthusiastically greets her human as he walks through the door on the next page.

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