Bella the Boxer Won’t Let Melina the Newborn Baby Cry Alone.. Such a Sweet Reaction..

Sleeping under her new born baby’s cot, when she hears Melina the newborn baby start to cry, she comes to investigate and sympathize. What she does is so adorable!

I can totally imagine her thinking, “Human, help! the small human is crying!”

…or maybe it was like, “guys, something wrong with the nice smelling, pink human puppy. It's making noise, are they supposed to do that?”

…or “I want to help you, but I have no thumbs!” lol

In any case, how Bella reacts and responds to the newborn baby's first cries is just so precious and sweet!

Watch the video on the next page as Bella the boxer demonstrate “mother nature” when she hears baby Melina cry!

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