Boxer Speaks To Mom And Becomes Irate When She Doesn’t Understand What He Is Saying

Have you ever wished you could communicate with your dog? He does, though not verbally. According to research, dogs have a unique style of speaking with both their owners and other dogs.

Here is a prime illustration. Introducing Otis, the cute Boxer. Here, he’s trying to communicate with his mother by making sounds and displaying various body language clues, but mommy just can’t hear him!

He’s starting to get a little irritated, lol. Mom, come on! That boy demands consideration!

Boxers are so beautiful and noisy! The adorable Otis! and he makes Chewbacca sounds…

Here, Otis the cute Boxer tries to talk to his mother about something and becomes a little frustrated when she doesn’t understand him. So adorable!

Watch the video down below!

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