Boy Films Dad Throwing Baby In The Air and Dies Laughing At Dog’s Reaction

Be careful the next time you try something new in front of your dog. Your pooch just might want to engage in the same behavior. That’s exactly what happened to one man when he tossed his son in the air, as dads often do.

Source: Twitter/@victowia_

The entire time the child was being tossed in the air, the family dog was nearby watching the fun.

All of a sudden, the dog runs over when the man puts the child down. The adorable pooch hops onto his hind legs and begs his owner to toss him in the air, too! Of course, the man has to do the same for the pup.

Source: Twitter/@victowia_

It’s one, two, three we go and the doggo is having the time of his life! Of course, nearby the child is laughing his head off and can’t control his giggles.

We can’t stop smiling and laughing either. If we didn’t see it for ourselves, we may not have believed it. When someone posted the video to Twitter, it went completely viral.

Source: Twitter/@victowia_

Press play below and you will see why!

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