Breeder Calls Puppy “Defective” And Planned To Get Rid Of Her Until Miracle Happens

Willow is a purebred Neapolitan Mastiff. At 4 weeks old the breeders came to realize she had Swimmer’s Syndrome which prohibits her from walking or standing correctly.

They call it Swimmer’s Syndrome because her chest lays flat and her legs are spread out like a turtle’s.

The breeder knew he couldn’t sell her because she was considered “defective” and he was about to throw her out like trash but something changed his mind.

He posted on Facebook about the poor dog with hopes that someone would come to her rescue and adopt her. The post was shared and shared and shared until it came to the attention of a particular woman.

Usually, “defective” dogs are put down and euthanized because not many people want them. When Jennifer Williams, the President at the 2nd Chances Rescue in Norco, California, saw the post she knew she had to go get the poor baby and save her.

She got into her car and drove to the breeder’s house and when she arrived she immediately saw the puppies healthy and thriving and behind them, she saw Willow alone and laying on the ground not able to keep up.

Jennifer noticed that Willow’s condition was so bad she could barely even drink or eat anything and it broke her heart so she immediately took the pup to a therapist and within the first 2 days of having her Willow was a brave and strong puppy and took her first steps.

She continued to go to therapy and a few short months later she was healthy and able to run and even swim. She’s come a long way and is such a strong dog that has overcome so many obstacles and now 8 months later she is completely healed and is living a great life.

If you’re thankful that the breeder had a change of heart and Willow now is healthy and in a loving and safe environment now, please SHARE her story with everyone you know! 

75 thoughts on “Breeder Calls Puppy “Defective” And Planned To Get Rid Of Her Until Miracle Happens

  1. Why are these breeders so cruel they are the reason these puppies are born this way because they over breed to begin with. Just cos they can’t make money on them doesn’t make them judge and executioner these animals have a right to live with people who will love them. Disgusting not human not humane..

  2. Our Bogie was a swimmer. Our the breeder worked with him to strengthen his legs and now he couldn’t be healthier. God bless you Onedamdeer Basset Hounds for being Bogies guardian angel.

  3. I love her. . I probably would have loved her even more despite her condition. I believe that breeder did it for money, not for love of animals. I don’t really understand that he would throw’ her out.. meaning to die? A little defenceless puppy to starve? All I can say is a big, huge thank you for caring.

  4. Where did it actually say the breeder was going to throw it away????? Sounds like he/she posted to see if someone would take him and did the right thing…hmmm these stories kill me

  5. More times than not, swimmers are the result of newborns being kept on a surface where they cannot get traction and all 4 legs spread out and they lay flat on their abdomen moving legs like they’re swimming. Maintaining on a rougher surface like carpet or blanket requires little more cleaning maintenance, but usually corrects the swimmer issue by allowing the pup get some traction and get their feet under themselves. May need little supporting help at first.

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