Missing Dog Found 400 Miles From Home, Owners Say They Don’t Want Her Anymore

The rescue group “Hope For Paws” received a rescue call about a homeless dog running on the busy streets of Los Angeles.

When the rescuers arrived, they were greeted by Brie, a Bull Terrier who was very friendly despite her circumstances.

Brie seemed so grateful to meet the rescuers that she immediately boarded their van without any hesitation!

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

At the vet’s, the staff found that Brie has a microchip. They contacted Brie’s owner, who turned out to be a woman living all the way in Las Vegas! That is almost 400 miles away!

Brie’s owner explained that she was overworked, which forced her to leave Brie under the care of her aunt, also a Las Vegas resident. As of now, Brie’s travel adventure is a complete mystery.

Brie’s owner is not interested in getting the dog back, and has given the rescuers permission to re-home her. The sweet dog has now been shifted to “LA Animal Rescue”.

She is being fostered with another shelter dog named Bosley. The shelter has reached out to the public in hopes of finding forever homes for both Brie and Bosley.

Source: Hope For Paws/YouTube

Brie is a happy-go-lucky girl with a contagious smile. There’s never a dull moment with her. If you are interested in adopting Brie or any of the other wonderful dogs at the rescue, you can visit the shelter’s website here.

Let’s spread the word and help these sweet pooches find their dream forever homes soon!

Click the video below to watch Brie’s heartwarming rescue and her amazing friendship with Bosley!

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