Boy Comes Home From School And Sees His Missing Dog Waiting For Him Inside

For the Bandy family from Florida, their 2 dogs meant the world to them and having one of them go missing was their worst nightmare.

Their gray Pit Bull named Bruiser had taken off while chasing a rabbit, and had not been seen since then. The family was crushed over Bruiser’s sudden disappearance, and their 10-year-old son, Tyler, was inconsolable.

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The family spent weeks combing through the local shelters in Polk County looking for Bruiser.

They distributed missing flyers all over, made appeals on social media, and even left their clothes in their Fort Meade neighborhood to lure in Bruiser with the familiar scent.

But 2 months went by and the drained family began losing hope of ever finding their beloved dog.

However, a miracle happened when the family received a call from the authorities at Highlands County! As it turns out, someone on the way to Highlands County had found a wandering Bruiser and handed him over to the animal services there.

Having seen Bruiser’s missing posts circulating on social media before, the staff immediately reached out to the Bandy family to confirm that they had found their lost pooch!

Source: Storyful Rights Management/YouTube

The family was overjoyed as they went to collect Bruiser after his prolonged misadventure. However, they didn’t tell Tyler about the happy development and decided to surprise him.

In this video, we see Tyler snacking nonchalantly as he enters home – completely oblivious that Bruiser is waiting inside to greet him!

Source: Storyful Rights Management/YouTube

Tyler absolutely loses it as Bruiser runs up to him out of nowhere and hugs him! The overwhelmed kid tosses his snack aside and breaks down in tears, before wrapping Bruiser in a big embrace.

You have to watch this precious sight with your own eyes!

Click the video below to watch Tyler and Bruiser going wild with joy during their emotional reunion after 2 months!

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