Burglar Tries To Enter A Home, But Gets Chased Off By A “Scary And Vicious” Dog

When a burglar wandered into the empty backyard of a family home, he felt like this was his lucky day. But what started off as a pretty easy robbery opportunity soon turned into something absolutely “ominous” for the burglar.

This security camera footage captures how the “vicious” family dog botched-up the robbery attempt – and it’s absolutely stunning!

Source: Lamarmy/YouTube

In the beginning, we see the intruder casually scanning the backyard for an entry point into the house. He moves to the end of the yard toward the windows and makes sure the family is not at home.

Seeing that the coast is clear, he decides to venture into the home and carry out his thieving plans. But he has no idea that a sharp pair of eyes are monitoring his every move!

Source: Lamarmy/YouTube

The burglar confidently enters the home, only to rush out in a state of panic within the next few seconds. He runs haphazardly like his life depends on it, and awkwardly scales the fence to flee the scene!

At this point, it’s clear that the burglar has had a disturbing encounter with the family’s “huge and formidable” dog!

Source: Lamarmy/YouTube

As the cowardly burglar disappears into the neighborhood, we finally see the “fiercely scary” family dog running out to protect his territory.

The loyal defender is barking away in full glory, proud to have chased off the ill-intentioned human. But this story has a very special twist that you just CANNOT miss!!

Watch the video to the end to see what it is!!

Click the video below to watch how the “terrifying dog” activated his beast-mode and made the burglar run for his life.

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