Dog Was Tortured & Muzzle Taped In 2015, Now Becomes Mascot For Animal Cruelty

In 2015, Caitlyn, a chocolate-brown Bull Terrier mix, was found enduring the most sickening abuse. For about 48 hours, her owner had tightly taped her muzzle to stop her from barking, and this caused irreparable damage to Caitlyn.

Source: Charleston Animal Society/Facebook

When she was rescued, her muzzle has swollen about 3 times in size, and her jaw was completely broken. She was scared and skittish, and the horrifying pictures of the abuse left people shaken all around the world.

Her abuser, William Leonard Dodson, was eventually caught and sentenced to 5 years in prison. In addition, he is serving 15 years for other gun and drug related charges. Throughout the prosecution, Assistant Solicitor Ted Corvey formed a special bond with Caitlyn.

Source: Charleston Animal Society/Facebook

People from all over the world donated money for Caitlyn’s jaw reconstruction surgery. Today, she has recovered and found a forever home with Ted Corvey, who had defended her all along. Caitlyn still sports the scars of her abuse, but she is now a sweet and playful pooch!

Source: Charleston Animal Society/Facebook

Caitlyn has become a local celebrity in her hometown, and has now become a mascot for the tireless fight against animal cruelty for Charleston Animal Society. She works as an “AMBASSADOG”, and helps spreading awareness for other injured, abused and neglected dogs. What a brave fighter and survivor!

Check out the video below to watch Caitlyn’s incredible story of survival and hope!

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