Dogs Hear Door Open – When They See Who It Is, They Eagerly Race Toward It

Soldier homecomings are always emotional to watch. We’ve all seen videos before of mom and dads coming home from deployment or training and reuniting with their families; and it’s rather hard not to shed a tear while watching them.

But these reunions are not just unique to humans – dogs appreciate them too!

Source: NewDiggityDogDaycare/YouTube

One woman was finally home from a six-month deployment in Afghanistan, which also meant she was away from her two beloved Great Danes, Calla and Wrigley.

Aside from being with family, they spent a lot of time at Diggity Dog Daycare while their mom was away, and received the best care. But they just weren’t complete without their favorite human.

Source: NewDiggityDogDaycare/YouTube

The two massive pups were relaxing on the couch at the daycare, but they had no idea about the wonderful surprise that was in store for them.

They heard the door open as they looked up toward it. Their mom stepped through the door and after a few seconds, the dogs realized who it was.

Source: NewDiggityDogDaycare/YouTube

They immediately got up off the couch and sprinted toward their human. They jumped up on her with all of their weight, causing her to take several steps back toward the wall.

They definitely forgot how big they are, but they didn’t seem to care. In that moment, all they cared about was smothering their human in lots of kisses!

Source: NewDiggityDogDaycare/YouTube

They did have six months of time to make up for, after all!

Watch their adorable reunion in the video below:

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