Cat was shoved through mailbox slot at post office — now “Special Delivery” is in good hands

Cat was shoved through mailbox slot at post office — now “Special Delivery” is in good hands

It’s always unbelievable the ways people abandon animals, but thankfully these poor discarded creatures often end up in better hands.

Recently, one cat was reportedly left stuffed in a post office mailbox — but employees did the right thing to care for this “special delivery.”

According to a Facebook post from the Fayette Regional Humane Society, a 10-week-old cat was reportedly shoved through a mailbox slot at a post office in Clarksburg, Ohio.

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The cat was reportedly scared but unharmed. The incident took everyone by surprise. “I’m sure it was a bit of a shock to hear meowing coming from the mailbox” said Chief Humane Agent Brad Adams, who responded to the case after being dispatched by a Ross County Sheriff’s Office deputy. “I’ve seen kittens stuck in many places, but this was new for me!”

The cat has been named “Special Delivery,” and was watched over by a postal worker until the humane agent arrived. Despite the sad circumstances, Special Delivery has now received a lot of love and attention.

“We can only imagine how scared he must have been, trapped alone in that dark mailbox,” Adams added “But Special Delivery has a bright future ahead. He already meows for attention and wants to be picked up and cuddled by everyone who passes by.”

It’s hard to believe anyone would put a kitten through a mail slot like that, but Special Delivery is now in good hands, and the Humane Society says that he will be up for adoption within the next few weeks.

“We are so fortunate that Special Delivery was found in time” executive director Dr. Lee Schrader said in the Facebook post. ”He was our most precious special delivery. And, just as a reminder, if you find a kitten, please call your nearest shelter for advice – kittens can’t be mailed!”

Special Delivery is a beautiful cat — it’s heartbreaking that he was abandoned in such an unusual way, but we’re glad he’s in good hands now!

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