Certified Stalker Dog Creeps Up On Mom Wherever She Goes, Trains Other Dogs Too

The internet is obsessing over the hilariously adorable pictures of “Creepy Cyrus”, a Bullmastiff who seems to have gained mastery over the art of stalking!

Mom Lauren Birney has shared a series of pictures where she caught her adorable “stalker” red-handed!




Lauren says that Cyrus has always been extremely protective of her. Now as a 2-year-old, he is still worried about her safety at all times!

Like every “skilled” stalker, Cyrus doesn’t want to make it obvious that he is onto his “target”.

So, the intelligent boy simply takes cover behind the couch, the bed, the window, or literally any solid object, to keep watching over Lauren!


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This is everything

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Lauren is now used to having the little lurker in the background at all times. She loves his unflinching stares and loving presence so much that she cannot imagine a life without his stalking antics!


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Just thinking about snuggles

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Apart from being Lauren’s champion bodyguard, Cyrus is also a life-saving angel for many other dogs. The charitable pooch always makes trips to the local clinic to donate blood to sick dogs!


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Double points!

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Cyrus just owns the fact that he is a “convicted creeper”! He has recently started schooling his doggie siblings, Beerus and Lou Lo, on the subtle game of stalking.

These days, the doggie trio can often be spotted “creeping” on Lauren as a team. What an adorable family!

Click the video below to watch Cyrus’ hysterically meticulous stalking skills!

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