Chained Up Pit Bull Never Stopped Protecting Her Secret – Even Though She Was Tied To A Tree

The Pit Bull was tired and hungry – but she never budged.

In Nafplion, a Greek seaport village near Tripoli, a pit bull and her puppies were left for dead in a forest.

The mother dog had been tied to a tree, with no way to free herself. Lara gave birth all alone, without any human assistance or medical help. She also had no access to food to aid her newborn pups.

Locals knew Lara existed, but due to the stereotype pit bulls are burdened with, no one approached her in fear of a possible attack.

But she was soon rescued by a good Samaritan. The man’s name was Stellios Kyriaku, a Greek man who was a local in Nafplion. Upon discovering the shivering dog, he quickly made haste to rescue her. Even without any source of food or shelter, the dog, named Lara, survived and protected all her puppies – except for one.

After rescuing the ailing mother dog and her pups, Kyriaku took it upon himself to report what happened on Facebook. In Greek, it stated: “This dog was tied up ten days ago while she was pregnant..there, without food and water, under these abnormal weather conditions of cold and rain in 38 degree Celsius weather, she gave birth to four puppies.. her eyes kill me and a shudder of shame penetrates me.”

He also added: “They say that man is dog’s best friend but no one says man is dog’s worst enemy.”

The social media post garnered a lot of online buzz, and even offers – one that Lara greatly needed.

After posting the picture, another woman named Linda offered to take Lara in – watch the video below to learn more!

After great tender loving care provided by Linda, Lara regained her strength and some healthy weight on. Plus, her puppies were in great hands. Despite her traumatic past, Lara remains a gentle dog to this very day.

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