Dog Has Bad Hair Day & Looks Defeated After Mom Gives Her An “Amateur Haircut”

Charlie is a therapy dog and a self-proclaimed “sock-enthusiast” who models for different brands in her spare time.

Owing to her work as a model, the Schnoodle girl makes sure to look her best at all times.

Source: sweetbabycharlie/Instagram

Unfortunately, being a fluffy dog is not easy. Charlie has to go through long and arduous grooming sessions to tend to her mane.

Even so, the wind or the dust easily ruins her fur and makes her look disheveled.

During the quarantine period, it has been especially difficult for Charlie to manage her growing fur. Her hair was getting too messy and it was obvious that she needed a trim.

Having no option, Charlie’s mom stepped in and attempted to give her baby an amateur haircut!

Source: sweetbabycharlie/Instagram

Charlie was immediately unimpressed when she saw her patchy haircut in the mirror. It was evident that her hair has been badly chopped off in all the wrong places.

The dog was so heartbroken that she wanted to hide her face thinking she wasn’t “cute” anymore!

Source: sweetbabycharlie/Instagram

These days, Charlie is having a series of difficult “bad hair days”! Like we see in this video, the poor dog feels helpless whenever her hair is static and unkempt.

Mom has to work extra hard to brush the pooch’s fur and keep it tamed.

Source: sweetbabycharlie/Instagram

On good hair days, Charlie is a complete stunner. To be honest, we don’t think it’s possible for Charlie to not look “cute”.

She’ll always be an adorable beauty, irrespective of the state of her hair!

Click the video below to watch the adorable Charlie looking absolutely defeated on her bad hair day!

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