Chihuahua Plays Dead When Picked Up By Someone He Doesn’t Like, and it’s Outrageously Funny

One little Chihuahua has developed an outrageously funny way of displaying his displeasure at being picked up by someone he doesn’t like — he feigns death and does it incredibly convincingly.

Jennie Blair Ferguson from Florence, Mississippi shot this video of her father’s Chihuahua playing dead whenever he got into the hands of Daniel.

Jennie says, “Dad’s dog hates Daniel and barks constantly at him. He is also scared to death when Daniel gets him. This is what happens.”

In the video, we see the little canine immediately freeze and play dead when he is handled by Daniel the neighbor.

Then, as soon as the man hands him back to his owner, the unnamed dog comes back to life and starts doing what Chihuahuas do best: barks furiously at the unloved neighbor.

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