Trainers Threaten & Beat Animals With Iron Clubs So They’ll Perform In Circus

Jan Creamer, President of Animal Defenders International, and her team travel all over the world to rescue abused lions and tigers from circuses and bring them to a beautiful new life.

In the past few years, 45 countries around the world have banned the use of animals in circuses, but sadly there are still plenty who haven’t yet followed suit.

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Jan has made it her job to give a voice to these voiceless and helpless animals.

Recently, she has helped transport 17 lions and tigers from a circus in Guatemala to a sanctuary in South Africa.

It’s hard work, but Jan and her team refuse to give up. Together, they go undercover at circuses around the world.

They find these animals in very small cages, with sometimes six or more of them crammed together, which leaves them no space to even lie down.

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In Guatemala, the only thing the lions and tigers were fed was chicken feet, which is not enough to grow and be healthy the way they should be.

Jan explains that while the animals may look happy in the circus, they’re not.

When the animals rush into the circus, it appears that they’re ecstatic to be performing, but what they’re really running from is a trainer behind the curtain who is holding an iron bar or club.

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These poor animals are truly afraid for their lives, and they lose all aspects of life that make it worth living.

Jan makes sure to get plenty of video footage of these animals behind the scenes, to show the public the awful conditions they’re forced to live in, and the bad treatment they suffer from.

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They go to the circuses with the police and wildlife officials seize the animals and take them back to a local rescue center before finding them homes in sanctuaries abroad.

For the first time in their life, these animals are finally free, thanks to Jan and her hardworking team.

Watch these tigers and lions feel freedom, grass and sun for the first time in the video below:

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