Large Dog Pranks His Owner By Becoming A Dead Weight When She Tries To Lift Him

Cody the Samoyed is a massive ball of “floof” who is hopelessly in love with winter!

While other dogs get spooked out at the thought of spending a freezing winter night outdoors, Cody looks forward to chilling out and dozing off on the cold grass.

Needless to say, it’s a real struggle to get him indoors for bedtime during the winter season!

In this video, we see Mom’s epic efforts to get Cody to leave the yard and come to bed. Cody is hardly bothered by the freeze thanks to his reliable fluffy armor and he outright rejects to step indoors on his own.

Poor Mom is left with the mammoth task to pick up her large “cloud with legs” and bring him inside – but it’s easier said than done!

Source: dongmorris/YouTube

Cody stubbornly remains sprawled out on the grass as Mom tries to grab him by his legs. But the clever pooch straight up refuses to cooperate.

He becomes a dead weight and freezes his limbs, while letting gravity do the talking for him! However, Mom is not one to give up.

She gathers all her strength and tries scooping him up again, leading to hilarious consequences!

Source: dongmorris/YouTube

This time, Cody pities Mom and subtly helps her raise his enormous physique up at a partial angle. Even so, he keeps his body super stiff, and that makes it look like Mom is trying to move a giant inanimate dog statue!

Cody has a dark sense of humor and he sure knows how to be casually savage while totally making a spectacle out of his human!

Source: dongmorris/YouTube

Mom is totally drained and defeated by the end of this video. Luckily, Cody compensates her pretty well with a precious dose of hugs and cuddles.

Samoyeds are known to be high maintenance dogs, and now we know why! Perhaps he needs some ice cushions on his doggie bed to keep him cool and get those comfy Zzz’s!

Click the video below to watch Cody giving Mom a hard time as he plans to camp out for the winter night!

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