Abandoned Dog Found With Paws Tucked Underneath Due To Extreme Frostbite

A jogger on a daily run saw something in Connecticut that caused him to stop and get a closer look. As the person approached the object, what he saw brought him to his knees.

There near the Branford Community House in Branford, Connecticut, was an adorable furbaby overcome with frostbite. The dog’s paws were injured, he had mange, and was very emaciated.

Source: Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter/Facebook

The good Samaritan contacted the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter, who took possession of the dog and opened an investigation.

They named the dog Lincoln and took him to Madison Veterinary Hospital. There, he received an exam, medicated baths, and antibiotics.

With each passing day, sweet Lincoln showed signs of improvement. His wounds began to heal, he gained weight, and the sores on his body were getting better.

Source: Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter/Facebook

In the meantime, two incredible pieces of good news emerged from this heartbreaking story.

First, the Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter in conjunction with PETA offered a reward in exchange for information that leads to the arrest of the parties responsible for dumping Lincoln.

It didn’t take long for a break in the case, as an animal cruelty warrant was issued a few weeks later for 22-year-old Bless Rivera.

According to a local news station, Rivera “showed up to an attorney’s office and stated that he wanted to confess to the incident, and that’s how we found out it was definitely the person we were investigating.”

Source: Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter/Facebook

Lincoln received the other half of the good news. He was adopted by a vet tech assisting with his case and now has a happy home with another dog and a fenced-in yard.

We love a happy ending and new beginnings! Thanks to everyone who helped Lincoln!


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