Construction Workers Find Puppy Caked In Mud, Vet Says He’s “Not A Dog At All”

The construction crew at an urban building site looked worried when they noticed a lethargic movement in a deep muddy hole.

After scanning the pit, the workers noticed a tiny puppy helplessly drowning and fighting to stay afloat in the putrid sludge.

They banded together and immediately pulled the dying puppy out.


By the time the workers took the puppy to the South Essex Wildlife Hospital, the poor thing was encased in a thick layer of dried mud from head to toe.

He looked terribly pitiful as bits of waste plastic dangled from his stomach. The vet staff took the petrified little thing for a wash, only to discover that the mud-caked baby wasn’t a “puppy” at all!


As a warm shower flushed away the arid layers of mud, the staff realized that the poor baby was actually a fox cub!

After a very long dunking and scrubbing session, the 4-month-old cub finally recovered from the shock and was able to move freely again.

To commemorate this one-of-a-kind rescue, the staff has named the baby “Muddsey”. We love the sound of that!


Muddsey is doing great now, and the vet staff will get him appropriately situated once he is completely healthy.

Judging by Muddsey’s condition, it is being speculated that he was stranded in the muddy hole for a whole weekend. He would have suffered a very dreadful end if it wasn’t for the construction workers.

We are so relieved this ended well for sweet Muddsey!

Click the video below to watch the story of Muddsey’s baffling rescue from the muddy pit just in the nick of time!

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