Cops Join Hands To Form A Risky Human Chain To Reach Stranded Dog In The Sewer

A dog was strolling along the boundary of a sewage canal in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, when he accidentally slipped down the steep wall and fell right into the sewer.

As the dog began drowning, onlookers panicked and cried for help.

Source: CEN/Daily Mail

Three cops were passing by the neighborhood when they heard the commotion coming from the canal.

By the time they dissipated the crowd around the sewer, the dog was already suffocating and struggling to stay afloat in the dirty water.

There was no way a single person could reach the dog, so the officers decided to form a risky human chain over the sewer slope.

Source: CEN/Daily Mail

In this video, we see the officers cautiously scaling down the wall to grab the dog. They see the dog lodged in slimy sewer water, so they try to pull him up by his leg.

With much difficulty, they maintain their balance over the slope and finally get hold of the pooch before it’s too late!

Source: CEN/Daily Mail

The trio quickly moved the dog to safety, and then scrambled up to check on the pooch. The dog was completely soaked in the filthy sewer waste, but he was otherwise doing fine.

Despite the risk involved in this rescue, these heroic officers did a great job of saving an innocent life!

Click the video below to watch how this fearless trio of cops saved the drowning dog by forming a risky human chain!

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