Cops Sit On The Street With 2 Scared Pit Bulls And Wait For Help To Arrive

It would come as no surprise if all Officer Patrick Hennesy wanted to do was get home and into his bed while traveling home from his shift at 4:30 in the morning. But a good cop always responds when duty calls! So when he saw two Pit Bulls in the middle of the street, he pulled over to check on them.

The Pitties were snuggled up together and didn’t budge, even when approached. Backup arrived on scene, and the two officers noticed blood in the road and traced it back to one of the dogs. The poor stray had been hit by a car, so they called for help.

Source: Zoo Land/YouTube

In the meantime, the cops sat with the dogs and did everything they could to comfort them. And in the end, their diligence and patience would pay off! Animal Services showed up and got the strays to the hospital for treatment and checkups. They named them Liberty and Justice and transferred them to the shelter where they are now doing much better! The rescuing officers even recently paid a visit to check in on them. What a loving act of kindness by these two gentlemen to see that these dogs got the care they needed! 🙂

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