Corgi Steals the Show During Seattle Seahawks Game

The finest halftime show we’ve ever witnessed was shared via the official NBC Sports TikTok account, @nbcsports. And no, it isn’t a well-known artist. Put that off until the Super Bowl. We guarantee that this is far better.

A Corgi race was held by the Seattle Seahawks during halftime, and needless to say, it was a success. In this clip, a single Corgi is highlighted.

Although you can see him moving quickly in front of you, it’s what this Corgi does as he enters the end zone that had us in stitches.

LMAO! Why isn’t this part of every halftime show? Actually, disregard the game entirely. We’d prefer to watch this continuously! This is our official request for a Corgi league. Consider how many viewers there would be!

“Living his best life. Get that pup a jersey!” commented @michellespringermom.

He’d look so cute in a jersey. But we actually have a better idea. Get this pup a contract! He’s clearly got the speed to make it on the team. LOL!

“This year’s rookie RBs are looking CUTE,” said @ProlificPooper.

He’s quickly run into everyone’s hearts. This is America’s player! 

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